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17 Jan

Why is the 12th Step Important?

The 12 step programs have become a very intricate part of the culture of alcoholism. People that are trying to recover as alcoholics will find that this is one of the most effective ways to do so. The 12 steps may seem like a long process, but the journey from being an alcoholic to being a recovering alcoholic is a long one.

People have to get the necessary help to do the things that put them in the right direction. Step 12 is a revelation that many people find to be the most difficult step. It is significant, however, because it bridges the gap for the person that started the recovery process.

Someone that may have started as an alcoholic will find themselves in a place where they actually have the opportunity to move beyond this area in their life. They get a chance to actually tell others about their journey as they try to help new people that may be experiencing alcohol addiction. This is very important because actually gives a person that is recovering a new role. No longer is the person that started at step 1 looking at themselves as an alcoholic still.

By step 12 they have the awakening and the ability to go out and tell others that they are a recovery alcoholic. The embarrassment that they may have felt initially may be gone. They are in a place where they are not a hindrance to themselves anymore. They are better suited to help others that maybe alcoholics. This is a difficult step, however, because it calls for people to go from an anonymous state to actually vocalizing that alcohol is something that they have struggled with. They are in a pay-it-forward type of mode.

This is is incredibly interesting when people about all that has been done when it comes to the role of this program. It is a program that serves as something that can help alcoholics, but turns the alcoholics that need help in to worker bees themselves by the time that they get to step 12.

They are no longer in the place where they are unfamiliar with the steps because they know all of the things that it takes to help fight the addiction, but now they have to do more than simply fight the addiction themselves. They have to put other people in a place where they can also fight against this addiction.

Many people may find this to be a great step towards the recovery. It may be much more rewarding for someone that has gone through the other 11 steps to help those that are still battling alcoholism. When a person is in the entry stages of addiction they really may feel like they are hopeless. What someone that is in step 12 can do is help people that may have no real hope. They can help these people see that progress can be made if they are willing to do the work. This serves as motivation.

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6 Oct

Alcoholics Anonymous: What You Need To Know


Alcoholics Anonymous, also called AA, is an international program designed to support alcoholics by helping them recover and stay sober. AA is available in many countries around the world. It has successfully helped millions of its members improve their lives by giving up alcohol.


What to Expect from AA

Alcoholics Anonymous holds meetings during which alcoholics are invited to speak about their struggles. Some meetings feature only one speaker, and other meetings give each member the chance to address the group. No one is required to speak, and most meetings last about one hour. Other meetings are discussion-based and involve members studying some portion of the AA handbook, which is called the Big Book. Meetings are usually held in public places, such as churches, libraries or schools. There is no fee to join Alcoholics Anonymous, though most meetings include a segment during which they collect donations.


12-Step Program

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous follow the 12-Step Program, which was designed to help alcoholics recover. Firstly, the alcoholic must admit that he or she has a problem. Then, according to the 12 steps, the alcoholic must give his or her life over to God or a higher power as the alcoholic admits their wrongdoings and asks forgiveness of those hurt by these wrongdoings. Ultimately, the goal of completing the 12-steps is to have a spiritual awakening, during which the alcoholic is empowered enough to give up drinking.



Another feature of AA is that it encourages members to connect with sponsors. A newcomer chooses a sponsor who is familiar with the 12 Steps. This sponsor then acts as a mentor for the new person and guides the newcomer through the program. The sponsor also acts as a go-to person for the new member whenever he or she has questions or feels in danger of relapse.


Many people have successfully quit drinking by attending AA meetings, working closely with their sponsors and following the 12-step program. There is no cure for alcoholism, but people can recover through personal willpower and support from others. While there is always the possibility of relapse, most members of AA know they can turn to their AA family and sponsors for support.

11 May

4 Reasons to Try Alcoholics Anonymous

These days, there seems to be a lot of controversy about 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. People don’t think the program works, they feel like it is too religious, or they feel it’s outdated. But the truth is that Alcoholics Anonymous is the oldest recovery group in the country. It has been helping alcoholics for decades. So should you go to an AA meeting? Absolutely. Here are four reasons to give it a try.

1. AA has the biggest success rate. 

Of all of the recovery programs, AA has the best rate of people getting and staying sober. Go to any meeting, and you are guaranteed to meet men and women who have been sober for years, even decades. AA works if you put something into it. As they say, “it works if you work it.2.

2. The twelve steps are good guidelines for life.

Even if you’re not an alcoholic, the twelve steps are just good guidelines to live by. There are a ton of people who appreciate the twelve steps on their own merit. Not to mention how much more likely you are to achieve long-term sobriety if you work the steps with a sponsor.

3. AA meetings are a great place to meet like-minded folks. 

Everyone in an AA meeting understands you. They understand where you’ve been, they understand where you are, and they understand where you are trying to go. There can sometimes be no better place to make new sober friends than an AA meeting,

4. AA is the largest recovery program.

There are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings all over the world. There are usually an abundance of meetings to choose from. You can find meetings in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening. You can even find candlelit meetings late at night. There are so many options for you to choose from when it comes to finding the right meetings for you.

AA is one of the most tested recovery programs. It has the best track record, and it works. There’s no reason not to try it. So the next time you are thinking about making a meeting, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to get there. You will not regret it.